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5 Things Children Learn in Our Phoenix Preschool

Many people think that the only thing children do in preschool is play games and have fun. What some don’t know is that this is the stage where a tremendous amount of learning happens. The preschool years are crucial, not only for brain development but also for emotional development. This is where the foundations of their learning start. At Elite Preschool & Learning Center, we offer a preschool program that is geared towards making sure that your child grows and develops in every way possible.

So if you have a child heading to preschool soon and you are considering Elite Preschool & Learning, here are five skills that your child will learn in our Phoenix preschool.

Preschool gives children the opportunities to learn through play

The Alphabet

Our Phoenix preschool understands that for your child to learn how to read and write, they should be very familiar with letters and their sounds. This is one of the first things that our preschool teaches. Kids will learn how to associate the letters with their corresponding sounds until they form basic, meaningful words. They will learn how to write their names, too, even if they look more like scribbles. As the child advances, the teachers will start them on uppercase and lowercase letters.

Numbers and counting

Preschool is also an excellent time for your children to learn about Math. The first lessons are all about numbers. Our Phoenix preschool teaches children to be familiar with the numerals until they memorize the order of the numbers 1 to 10. Then they move on to counting. Kids are given activities that involve matching, counting, sorting and games that will help develop their pre-Math skills. Your child will be exposed to the knowledge they need the most.

Emotional development

To ensure a child’s healthy emotional development, our Phoenix preschool gives students the chance to play and interact with their classmates through various games and activities. Unlike adults, children barely have control over their feelings and emotions. Some kids don’t understand when they are happy, sad or angry. However, our preschool provides children the kind of environment that will teach them how their emotions create an impact on their peers. They are taught good ways of dealing with their emotions and strong feelings in socially acceptable ways.

Kids expand their vocabulary in preschool


Structure is something that can be taught at home, but they can learn a lot more about structure in school. Elite Preschool and Learning Center provides your child the kind of environment that will encourage them to cooperate with their teacher and peers. They will learn the fundamentals of handling structured environments. For instance, they learn how to follow simple directions like raising their hands if they have a question, or being courteous and polite when someone is talking. We mix structure with fun which makes learning more enjoyable for all little ones.

Fine and gross motor skills

Most young children have a very active nature. Our preschool program at Elite Preschool & Learning Center facilitates this nature and utilizes it to continually develop your child’s motor skills. It is a child’s motor skills that give them the ability to run around the playground, swing on the monkey bars and use kid-safe scissors. In school, they further develop these skills with the help of fun and entertaining activities like the making of arts and crafts, dancing and playing guided physical games.

Sending your child to preschool is taking one step towards their successful future. Those who attend preschool are more prepared for kindergarten than their peers who don’t. If you are looking for a preschool program that will suit the needs of your child, please consider calling Elite Preschool & Learning Center.

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