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9 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschool Student

Does your child go to a reputable preschool in Phoenix — but you want to make sure she doesn’t get behind in the summer?

Are you looking for fun, quick reading tips that will further your child’s summer enrichment?

Read on to get our top nine tips for getting ahead with preschool reading books and combating boredom at the same time!

Tip #1: Buy or Borrow One New Summer Book a Week

preschool reading books | Elite Preschool in Phoenix

Get books for your kids to read

Make reading something look forward to during the summer by buying one new summer book for every week of the summer season. Bonus points if the book themes are about the summer!

Tip #2: Bring the Stories to Life

Is there a meal or snack that appears in your child’s story? If so, then recreate that meal and eat it together. Read the book at the table and point out that you are eating the same thing as the characters in the book.

Bringing your story to life will instill in your preschooler how fun books and stories can be.

Tip #3: Focus on a Different Reading Skill Each Time You Read

Focus on one book for a week, and each time you read it together focus on a new reading skill. For example, one night you might ask your child to mimic the story after you, sentence by sentence. Another night, you might ask your child to complete the sentence after you pause just short of the period.

These different skills build upon one another to help make your preschooler a stronger sight reader.

Tip #4: Model Reading

When your child sees you read, he will think it’s important and cool to read. Take a book wherever you go and read it in your spare time. Encourage your child to do the same. Emphasize the importance of books by toting along a special “book bag” wherever you go!

Tip #5: Travel with Books

When you go on vacation, pack a suitcase or bag of books that relate to where you are going. For example, if you are going to the mountains during the summer, find books that are about wildlife, adventure, the mountains and forests.

Take these books with you and read them together while you are on your travels.

Tip #6: Make a Joke Book Together

Writing a joke book together and then reading the jokes to each other can be a fun and humorous way to teach reading skills. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, you and your preschooler can have a few laughs together with your custom, crafty joke book!

Tip #7: Make It a Contest

preschool student | Elite Preschool in Phoenix

Make reading a habit

Track how many books your family members read over the course of the summer on a chart. Give a prize to the person reads the most! This can be a fun activity if you give your children stickers to put on the chart, representing each book they read.

Tip #8: Write a Round-Robin Story Together

Write a round-robin story together. With this activity, you write down one sentence in the story and your preschooler adds the second. You go back and forth until a fun story is complete.

Illustrate your book, bind it and read it together before bedtime.

Tip #9: Write a Rebus Story

An another crafty way to make reading fun is to write and illustrate a “rebus story.” To do this, first write your story on construction paper. Then, replace the words with pictures that you draw of the words. From there, read the story together, letting your preschooler say the word when she sees the picture in your handmade book.

It’s Time to Read!

Fun preschool enrichment can take on a new life in the summer — and you can get there with your preschooler with these nine easy-to-follow reading tips. Try one of these tips each week of the summer — and then repeat! Leave us a comment and let us know which ones were the most helpful and fun to do with your children!

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