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Seven Qualities of a Great Summer Camp

Summer camp is a time to try new things, forge relationships, and build new skills. Camp offers a lot of benefits to children. Children enrolled in camps tend to improve socially and academically. They are resilient and learn to be independent. With the multitude of camps in the United States, you will need to learn to recognize the qualities great camps possess.

Summer Camp Statistics

The American Camp Association reports that there are 8,400 overnight camps and 5,600 day camps in our country. These camps are attended by 14 million adults and children each year. More than 1.5 million people are employed as camp staff in various positions.

With the prevalence of camp as a favorite summer activity, how can you find a good one for your child? Listed below are seven qualities of a great camp.

Builds Social Skills

benefits of summer camp

Summer camp is a great place to make new friends

A great camp will offer your child the chance to build social skills. Camp is a time where kids can meet new friends outside their regular social circles. A survey performed by the American Camp Association reported that camp attendees perceived improved social skills after going to camp. As a parent, you will want to find a camp that emphasizes relationship building and that does not tolerate bullying.

Encourages Kids to Take on New Challenges

Camp is an opportunity to try new things. Whether it is a ropes course, horseback riding, or swimming, you will want to find a camp that will challenge your child physically and mentally. This will expand their horizons and help them to tackle whatever challenges await them outside of camp.

Creates Resiliency

According to Psychology Today, one of the benefits of summer camp is that it builds resiliency in children. A great camp will help children develop coping skills they will use throughout their lives. How do these camps do this? They give children the opportunity to take risks, make friends, and build their identities. Without worrying about their social standing at school, they can become who they want to be. This builds confidence for them as they re-enter school in the fall.

Leads to Academic Success

Whether you are considering an academic camp or traditional camp, it is imperative not to overlook the importance of summer camp for academic success. In an article on learning as it relates to camp, Lance Ozier discusses the effects camp has on academics. Camp teaches kids several skills that will help them in school and that will eventually help them in their careers. These skills are critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability, initiative, and imagination. With these skills under his or her belt, your child will be set up for success.

Encourages Independence

Whether it is a day or overnight camp, summer programs offer time away from family. Family time is important. The bonds of family are for life, and it is important that they are nurtured. However, children need the opportunity to develop independence. A great camp will teach children how to be independent and take initiative to accomplish tasks in their own lives.

benefits of summer camp

There are great counselors for the children

Has Great Counselors

A great camp needs great counselors. What makes a great counselor? According to Camp America, excellent counselors take initiative, are positive role models, possess selflessness, and are creative and resilient. When searching for a camp for your child, make sure its counselors exhibit these attributes.

Has a Great Camp Philosophy

In an article on Psych Central, Marie Hartwell-Walker suggests that while camps tend to emphasize their activities, the heart of the camp lies in its “Statement of Camp Philosophy.” What are all the activities and interactions trying to teach your child? When looking for a camp, check its philosophy first. If it embodies what you want your child to take away from the camp experience, then you are on the right track.

Benefits of Summer Camp for Preschoolers

While preschoolers may seem young, there are a lot of great benefits of summer camp for preschoolers. Camp offers preschoolers the structure they will need to attend school in the fall, gives them opportunities for social development, and lets them gain some independence from their parents. Your preschooler will have the chance to try new activities and build new skills that will benefit him or her in the future.

Phoenix Preschool

Camp has a lot of great benefits for children, from social development and resiliency to academic success. If you are in Arizona and looking for a camp for your child that exemplifies the qualities listed above, this Phoenix preschool offers a camp for school age children. Contact us today to get your child started on his or her summer camp adventure.

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