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7 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step for many children and their families. Preparing your child for kindergarten may be one of the biggest tasks you’ll tackle throughout parenthood. It can be an overwhelming process, but kindergarten prep doesn’t have to be stressful. There are lots of summer school opportunities and programs available. If you’re looking for a trustworthy preschool in Phoenix, you’re in luck! Elite Preschool and Learning Center is one of the best preschool programs in the area. Now is the time to ask yourself “what does my child need to know for Kindergarten?”

Here are a few reasons why a summer enrichment program is beneficial to children entering Kindergarten.

Summer Programs Provide Peer Interaction

Kindergarten prep | Elite Preschool and Learning Center

Summer school helps children socialize

A major benefit of a summer program is the opportunity for your child to interact with other children. They’ll learn basic social skills like sharing, communication, and respect for others. While these skills may be taught and developed at home, it is a brand-new ball game using these skills in an environment with non-family members. This process allows them to get familiar with social interaction, so they’ll be prepared for a classroom setting.

Preschool Reduces Anxiety

Experiencing a preschool setting prior to grade school can have a calming effect on a child. Once kindergarten officially begins, children are thrown into uncharted territory and must learn how to cope with these big changes. This can be overwhelming for a young child who may be without a parental figure for the first time. Summer preschool can help a child ease into this process in smaller chunks. It will provide you the opportunity to talk with them about any challenges. Through this process, they’ll be better prepared for a full day once the school year begins.

Summer Enrichment Classes Teach Respect

In preschool, your child will learn how to take instructions from an adult other than a parent. Respect for authority is important in a school environment and essential for learning. They’ll also learn how to respect their peers as they’ll engage in activities that require sharing, communication, and team activity. Your child will learn their own boundaries and how to respect the boundaries of others in this preschool environment.

Kids Explore Academics in Preschool

Without a doubt, pre-kindergarten summer school can have a huge impact on your child’s academic success. In fact, this is one of the more obvious and important benefits of this program. Summertime training will provide the opportunity for your child to cover some of the basic academic requirements of kindergarten. Learning things like writing their name, reciting the ABCs, and understanding the color wheel will ensure they are able to dive right into activities once the school year begins. Their learning curve will be much smaller than students who do not engage in this type of program. You can rest easy knowing your child is well-prepared and will be able to handle the work in kindergarten.

Preschool Also Helps Create Self Sufficiency

Summer classrooms have the opportunity for your child to gain some independence and learn how to be self-sufficient. Again, this may be the first time they’ll experience being away from home, and it can be an intimidating process. In summer classes, they’ll learn how to ask questions, communicate their needs, and make independent decisions. Thus, making the transition to Kindergarten much easier.

Kids Start to Develop a Routine

summer enrichment | Elite Preschool and Learning Center

Kids develop a routine

Kindergarten prep can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating a schedule and keeping your child on a solid routine. At this age, children can benefit from a bit of structure and predictability. Summer enrichment programs create a sense of responsibility and ownership which has many long-term benefits.

Parental Involvement With Schooling

Last, but not least summer programming offers the opportunity to gauge your child’s skills and abilities compared to other children. Most programs will offer parent conferences where you can review your child’s progress and cover additional help you can offer at home to ensure your child is fully prepared.

These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll find when sending your child to summer preschool. Children will get acclimated to the new expectations and environment. They will feel ready to conquer kindergarten! You’ll be able to relax knowing your child is prepared to be successful in their new school. Overall, summer programming offers many advantages and is a great idea for any family looking to gain a head start on the school year!

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