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Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

You’ve long awaited for your little one’s first day of school. They’ve been waiting anxiously for it too. It’s an exciting and scary time. After all, it’s something new. We put together the best advice and tips from parents and experts. Consider these back-to- school tips for preschool parents to help your little one adjust.

How to Get Ready for School After a Break or For the First Time

back to school ideas for parents

Get your child excited to start school

It’s important to establish a routine before your little one begins or heads back to preschool. Parents have been through schooling and know what to expect, but young children don’t. Establishing a routine ahead of time helps kids learn what they need to do in steps, so it’s less frightening.

A couple of weeks before they start school, keep a calendar to establish a countdown to school. Keep a routine for waking up, getting ready, and having breakfast. This will help keep them to be on-time when the day does come. It also helps them to process the new time management skill they’re learning. Figure out the times they will be eating at school and prepare an after-school snack time. Also, establish a regular bedtime with them if they don’t already have one. It will help them get the proper amount of sleep as well.


It’s a good idea to check into what you’ll be needing to get for the first day of preschool. Everyone has an idea of what they want to bring to school, but this can differ from what’s actually needed. Review a list of things needed for school and a list of things that shouldn’t be brought to school. It’s safe to say that you’ll need a backpack but they shouldn’t bring toys unless permissible.

Keeping up with supplies at home is a good idea too. Even though children learn a lot at preschool and complete many crafts, children often remake their school projects at home.


how to get ready for school after a break

Talk to your child about going to school

The mixture of a child’s emotions about school causes little kids to want to explore but keep close to their parents. Talking to your child about school is an excellent way to ease their fears. Let them know the fun things they’ll get to do and learn at school.  Let them know that you won’t be there but that you’ll be back to pick them up when school is over. Some amount of separation anxiety is common and normal.

It may not be a good idea to try to slip away when they’re not looking because this can develop additional separation anxiety down the road. You might be surprised by your little one. At times, parents have a harder time saying “goodbye” than the little ones.


Visit your child’s school ahead of time so they can meet the teacher. Getting to know the teachers and the layout of the classroom will help your child get familiar. Then they will only have to meet new children when they attend the first day. Children’s excitement grows when they get to see their colorful and interactive classroom. They are eager to return to a classroom they have visited. They’re also more interested in learning new things.

Maintain Routine

Children have a lot to learn when they start attending school for the first time. It’s important to keep everything else humming as normal at home. Avoid remodeling the house or any other drastic changes right now, to allow your child time to adapt to their new routine. Dedicate a special time to review the day with your child. Ask what they learned about, new things they saw, and interesting games they played. This is a time when your child will bring home many crafts. You can designate a special place on the fridge or bookshelf to showcase their work to help your child to feel proud.

Other Back-to-School Tips for Preschool Parents

This is an exciting time. Your child is growing and learning new things. Increase your child’s independence with age-appropriate responsibilities. Remember that these back-to-school ideas for parents are just the basics. For more ideas, consider reviewing tips for preschool students from this trustworthy preschool in Phoenix.

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