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Celebrating National Family Stories Month this November

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us will be gathering with our families. This will be an excellent time to share stories, and listen to grandparents talk about family history. Because wonderful and interesting stories get passed around during this time of the year, November is called the National Family Stories Month.

It is exciting to have this celebration, but the National Family Stories Month is not just about collecting and sharing family stories. It’s also about preserving family traditions. Be sure to enjoy and make the most of the National Family Stories Month with these brilliant ideas!

Share stories about your childhood

One of the most interesting stories everybody loves listening to is the story of your childhood. Share your fondest memories of when you were your kids’ age. What were the funniest things you did? What was the most memorable? Reminiscing on your childhood is a fun way to bring laughter to the group. Make it more exciting by flipping through old photo albums and showing photos of when you were younger.

Talk about your family traditions

Family traditions are important because they strengthen family bonds. Share with the younger members of the family the traditions you’ve kept. Explain why you have maintained them. Even if they are as simple as saying a prayer before a Thanksgiving meal, putting up a Christmas tree or hanging stockings on Christmas Eve, these traditions are always meaningful.

Document memories

It’s always fun to relive the good old days, especially when the memories were documented. Continue to add entries and include your children’s. Keep their baby photos and take note of important milestones. They would love to hear funny stories of when they were little. These keepsakes are something that your child will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Ask grandma and grandpa to share the story of how they met

Another exciting story the family would love is the story of how grandma and grandpa met. Times were different so many years ago and it would be interesting to find out your grandparents’ love story. During their time, communication wasn’t easy. There were no mobile phones or internet and it’s romantic to learn about courtship from back then.

Listen to some good, old music

There will always be those songs that bring feelings of nostalgia when played. Play the songs that bring back good memories, or ones that you danced to back in the day! Does your family have a favorite song to sing or dance to? Find a record or a CD of that music and put it on! Tell the younger members how it all started and share this tradition with them.

Play a movie the entire family has always loved watching

Did your family have a favorite TV show or childhood movie when you were growing up? Why don’t you watch it together? No matter how old it is, nothing’s more fun than everyone gathered around while watching a family favorite!

Start a new tradition with your kids

Aside from the existing family traditions, it’s also a good idea to start a new tradition with your kids. You can bake a favorite cookie recipe or learn a new game. Any activity will do as long as it creates new wonderful memories together.

Family stories are some of the best things that bind us for years and years. Continue to celebrate them while you create new family memories together! Use this guide and make use of these ideas to make your National Family Stories Month more fun and meaningful!

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