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Investing in your Child’s Preschool Education

The tomorrow of a nation lies in the children. It’s good to give children a solid foundation in every society. It involves investing in your child’s preschool education. This is so they can gain an excellent social and academic foundation. The government should also help in establishing the preschool as it is an investment with a high public return.

illustration of an investment using a clock and coins

Early childhood education gives a lucrative investment return

Recent studies show that for every dollar invested in early childhood education, about 10 dollars is saved in remedial education and criminal justice costs.  Let’s look at preschool investments versus the stock market along with the benefits of Phoenix preschools.

Preschool Investment

Why do people say early childhood development has a high public return? The preschool investment has a very high return for both society and you, as a parent. Preschool education has helped in the reduction of criminal cases creating better places to live and reductions in criminal justice costs.

Along with saving public expenses, investing in preschool programs will bring thousands of dollars in returns. Current studies show that preschool investments beat prominent businesses in the stock market. For example, its returns are twice those of Dodge and Cox’s stock funds. Most of the families are embracing the preschool education since it is paying off. Investing in early childhood development is an excellent idea.

Benefits of Investing in Preschool Education

You may be wondering as a parent, whether early childhood education is essential. Let us look at some of the benefits of investing in early childhood education!

Enhance Children’s Social and Cognitive Skills

Early childhood investments can yield a big payoff for you and your child. It improves your child’s social skills as they interact with other children. They learn how to interact with children their age and also with adults. A preschool education also helps in the development of cognitive skills. When instructors ask children thought provoking questions, it helps them enhance their cognitive skills. Skills at this level will help in their future learning.

Academic performance

The preschool you choose is the one that helps your child’s performance in future. Studies show that embracing preschool education has increased the number of high-school graduates. Most children who go through early childhood education are passionate to learn. They also lead more successful lives. It prepares your child for the activities in elementary school leading to better performance.

Social behavior

Preschool education has minimized social crimes. A preschool education creates responsible adults focused on learning. Investing in your child’s preschool education may prevent you from paying for correctional costs in the future.

The best preschool in Phoenix is Elite Preschool and Learning Center. It has two preschool learning programs that prepare your child for elementary school and beyond.

The first preschool program in Elite Preschool and Learning Center caters to four-year-old children. This program uses up to date teaching methods to help your child develop great skills. Elite Preschool and Learning Center also has well-trained teachers to help nurture the young learners. The Elite Preschool Program is a good option for your child in Phoenix because of the integration of their Christian program. They will help your child to grow into responsible adults and thrive well in elementary school.

kids at preschool

A good preschool program is a great investment

The second preschool program accommodates both four-year and five-year-old children. Here, your child will also experience learning fused with art and play. This program also uses up-to- date teaching methods and has well-trained teachers. Elite Preschool balances your child’s activities to show time management. The school program gives your child time for outdoor activities, storytelling, and singing. They will also help your child in enhancing communication and interaction skills.

Early childhood education with a good preschool will help your child greatly. It will help develop social skills and enhance their academics. It is a good investment with a high return to the public as well. For a great preschool in the Phoenix, Arizona area, contact us today.

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