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What Do Kids Learn in Preschool in Phoenix

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool in Phoenix

learning how to draw and write

A preschool may look like all fun and games. Actually, it is more than that. Inside a preschool classroom, children are being taught many things that will help them grow socially and emotionally. Preschools in Phoenix have qualified teachers that will guide and nurture the children’s minds.

Studies show that preschool plays a big role in children’s development. A child’s early years are the time of tremendous growth, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually speaking. Preschool is where children can learn good habits and also develop their self-esteem. Here are some of a few things kids can learn in preschool in Phoenix.

The Alphabet, its letters and sounds

In preschool, children will be introduced to the alphabet and they will learn to recognize its 26 letters and sounds. Preschool students will learn to recognize the letters in their first names as well as write them. Children will also learn the corresponding sound of every letter and when put together, will make a word.

Numbers and learning to count

Preschool teachers will teach numbers 1 to 10 for starters. They’ll teach them how to count those numbers in order by using random objects. Later on, they will be introduced to what numbers look like and they will learn their names. This is one of the first skills in math that kids will learn. Preschool will help children get ready for kindergarten. They will be learning the basic foundation of math.

Colors and Shapes

In the children’s day-to-day school life, they will have activities that will help them learn the names of shapes and colors. Children will be taught how to differentiate each color. They will also have activities that will let them name each basic shape. Shapes are also part of mathematics, this is the foundation of learning geometry.

Writing, drawing, and arts

Preschool is also when the children develop their hand-and-eye coordination and motor skills. In preschool, children will be given the chance to use pencils during classes. They will be practicing their writing and drawing skills and doing creative arts. This activity includes using paints, crayons, and sometimes scissors. With adult supervision, children will learn how to cut using scissors.

Communication and Social Skills

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool

playtime at school

Being able to socialize with other kids and adults is a necessary skill for children in a classroom environment. Teaching them to be sociable is one of the many things they can learn in preschool. Children will learn how to cooperate in group activities and share toys or food with their peers. They will learn how to work together, participate in class, make friends, play together and take turns with things. They will also learn how to follow instructions and communicate what they want and need.

Preschool is the first time that kids will spend time away from their parents. This may create separation anxiety at first, but this is also a great time to build their confidence in themselves. Through spending time away from the familiar, they will learn valuable social skills.

These five things are the major things children are going to learn in preschool. These are the basic foundations that are important for a child’s development and growth. Are you looking for a preschool in Phoenix that will shape your kids into the persons they are destined to be? Are you looking for a preschool that will take good care of them and teach them values? Visit Elite Preschool and Learning Center and learn more about our preschool program today!

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